Stages of building work

To build a house or conduct a structural renovation in Australia you need to obtain a Building Permit.

This document is produced by a Registered Building Surveyor and he becomes the person responsible for overseeing the project till completion.

The Building Surveyor will make sure that all necessary information is beeng provided from the client and works are done within the building plans, regulations and the Australian  Standards.

He is the person signing the final documents allowing people to occupy the building. In the process of erecting the building the Building Surveyor conducts or delegates numerous mandatory stage inspections required by the Law. The inspections are:

(a) Prior to placing a footing;

(b) Prior to pouring an in situ reinforced concrete by a member nominated by the relevant building surveyor

(c) At the completion of framework

(d) Final, upon completion of all building work

The government has set these for consumers’ protection in regards to the soundness and safety of finished buildings.

What is not included in those inspections is the quality control of the works. The building surveyor does not check the quality of workmanship in frame work, waterproofing, proper installation of roof tiles, flashings, windows and doors, insulations, plastering, painting, and any kind of finishes.

In comparison to mandatory stages, within your contract you will have few payments stages. They are most commonly like that:

Payments all stages

10 per cent
15 per cent
35 per cent
25 per cent

15per cent

base stage
frame stage
lock-up stage
fixing stage

final stage


You can see that mandatory and payment stages don’t overlap exactly. You will have 2 inspections before your 2nd payment for base stage and no inspections for two important and larger as amount stage payments – lock-up and fixing.

In our opinion, you will need  independent inspections at 4 stages of the building works - prior of pouring concrete(base stage), Frame Stage Inspection, Fix Stage and Final Stage Inspections (defects Report).



Customer Testimonials

Ilian Selensky, Northcote Ilian Selensky, Northcote:

"We appointed Jack to inspect a townhouse we bought off the plan in Ivanhoe. Prior to that I spend days trying to do defect list myself and save some money. When I realized how many defects there are in my opinion I figured out that I might need some professional to show me what actually is considered defect and what not. What I was truly surprised by, after reading Jack’s report, was that after all that time spend I have only managed to see small surface defects and I have completely missed serious hazardous for the building defects. His report was professionally presented, very well structured and every one of the 73 pictures identifying a defect was addressed to relevant building rule. We end up pulling out of this contract when we realized how badly built this place was and how many potentially expensive faults there were.

We highly recommend Jack if you need experienced building professional for your building inspection"


Mary and James Monaco, Oakleigh Mary and James Monaco, Oakleigh:

We used Building inspections Melbourne at the end of June for pre-purchase inspection for our new house. It was stress-free and pleasant experience from the first phone call to the follow up conversation after the report. The report was send to us the next morning and was easy to understand with a lot of pictures.Thank you guys, great service.


Suzan and Jake Suzan and Jake :

Hi Jack, Just quick thanks for your fantastic work with our stage inspections. It was a great help to have you on our site in the last 5 months. The builder didn’t argue any of the final defects you had in your reports and we are extremely happy with the end result. We are moving in next weekend and we are excited about it.


137B Inspection, Abbotsford 137B Inspection, Abbotsford:

" We are very happy with the services provided by T Cover. Jack is very understandable, professional and extremely helpful. When I phoned Jack, explained my urgent situation, he immediately understood.  Although he was very busy, he gave us an appointment for next day, he also sent us an example report. Jack is very punctual, he came next day as promised and completed his inspections professionally. It was amazing after few hours we received the defects report and our biggest concern has been sorted. We really appreciated and thank him for his efforts in helping us having the report quickly that help us to sort out lots our other related works. We would not hesitate to recommend Jack to anybody and we definitely will call him again if we need inspection in the future.  Thank you very much Jack.  Kind regards, Dave & Lil , Abbotsford- 8.10.15"

Frame Inspection, Alphington Frame Inspection, Alphington:

"We were impressed with Jack's advice and thoroughness; he advised on and picked up a number of important matters which kept our builder focused and gave us peace of mind. To use Jack is not a negative gesture to the builder; we cannot possibly determine defects and omissions ourselves. The old saying is that a person who represents him/herself has a fool for a client; when building a house one should  be represented in inspections and obtain an independent view which can be used to work with one's builder -  it is money well spent; instruct an inspector like Jack - Peter & Anett, Alphington. 20 Sep 2015."